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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

good friend

Let me tell you something about friends, in particular best friends. Many people have these sorta thing called "bestie" while many others still trying hard finding one. One word of being questioned, "Why?"There are so many types of friends in the world. One where you only knew their faces but never really talk to them, your classmate where you only see during your classes, the lot on your "Facebook" is quite plenty, your day to day basis friends where you went out, have lunch together with, the one who you told all you secrets to, your game buddies and the list goes on.There are plenty of individuals in your life that you might coined the term friends. So why is there a problem about "bestie" in the first place? Do we have to choose and pick one? Is there a rule saying they are only exclusive to us? No sharing?Come on matured people, wake up. You have a lot friends, you got a few friends, doesn't matter. You just need a group of people that you can count on. Hell, do I even care to gave them names or to called them sweet nick names and all that. All that counts are, they are the 'Good Friends'. They don't judge you, they understand your need, they help you during your toughest times and they will always be there for you asking nothing in return. But, it would be the right thing for us to do to always give back to them whenever we are needed. That's what count. Not by calling you "bestie" all the time just for the sake of having a bestie.Actions are more thoughtful than occasional empty words. If you find someone that always be there for you, stick with them. They are the true friends to hold onto for the sake of friendship and caring.And for us, don't be a bad friend. If somebody ask for your help, you help the poor lad. Soon, you'll realized you are surrounded by 'Good Friends' that will be there for us as we have for them. It's not about 'bestie' and all, it's more than that. xoxo..

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